Chemical-Free Insect Bite & Wasp Sting Healer

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Preventing insect bites and stings by natural means isn’t easy. That’s why we have developed this bug Bite Tool, Insect bite healer dissolves insect venom, saliva, and other irritants left under the skin using a quick-warming ceramic hot plate, providing insect mosquito bite relief from mosquitos, wasps, flea bites, midges, hornet sting, wasp bite, bees ... 

CHEMICAL-FREE TREATMENT:   no chemical additives! It’s a must-have device for at home and when on the go.

The Bug Bite Device, insect bite treatment works by removing the irritant (infected insect bite), insect bite swelling which allows the body to stop producing the reaction that causes you to itch and swell, this device allow us avoid all bite blister.

Also suitable if you are pregnant as there are no chemical additives - only by means of warmth.

FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Our Insect Bite Healer is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, with 2 different programs to choose from depending on skin type.

2 different programmes: Program 1 for first application and people with sensitive skin (3 seconds) and program 2 for regular use (6 seconds).

With our device you will never ask that question how to get rid of bed bug bites overnight. Can help combat itching and swelling, Quick-warming ceramic hot plate, Modern, practical design

TRAVEL SIZE - The Mosquito bite relief is compact and lightweight, so it's perfect to take on the go for bug bite relief (after bite) wherever you go – the perfect travel and camping tool.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 98.3 x 35.9 x 20 mm

Weight (with batteries): 47 g

Power supply: 2 x 1.5 V AAA LR03 batteries

Max. temperature: 50 °C ± 2 °C (122 °F ± 3.6 °F)

Functions: 2 time settings (3s/6s)

Battery-operated: yes

Medical device: yes

WHAT'S INCLUDED: (1) Insect Bite Healer, (2) AAA Batteries, (1) Instruction Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
J arrow
it works!!

I love this device - totally worth it! I'm always outside and get bit by mosquitos/deer flies. I carry it with me everywhere I go because of how efficient and fast it works. The second I feel a bite on my leg, etc I use this tool and i never have to scratch the bite again. I like the option of applying for twice as long if the bite happens to be more irritated or severe.
I'm thinking of just getting a few more to leave in the house, car, and work. Would definitely recommend it to anyone that likes to enjoy being outside, but hates mosquito bites.

An Amazing Device

For a number of years now I seem to be a target for little biting insects and recently I've started to react badly. The bites turn red fairly quickly and become unbearably itchy to the point that it stops me sleeping. I've tried various creams etc with limited success. Came across this and thought I'd give it a go. All I can say is wow, this thing is amazing. Yes, it feels a bit painful when you first use it but it stops the itching immediately. As soon as the itching starts, I use this and boom, it's gone. If you suffer like me, just get one as you really wont regret it.

This thing works! Two heat application settings for your comfort.

The on/off switch is tiny and perhaps fragile. So far it works fine though, and the performance of the Insect Bite Healer has been exceptional. I've treated three mosquito bites on myself and a few on my wife with the thing and we haven't been disappointed. The itching stops almost immediately and the swelling subsides more quickly than bites that are untreated. This is a much better method than heating a spoon under running water. I wouldn't want to be without mine in this summer.

It works!

Would give 10 stars!

Iaymie Villa
It REALLY works!

This REALLY works! I am always the one bitten to death each time I go outside. I end up looking like I have chicken pox from all the bug bites and then I scratch them until they bleed. Talk about misery! Now, when I am bitten, I pull out this amazing creation and zap the bite. It works! No more pressing my fingernail into the bite to get that " it hurts so good" feeling to get it to stop itching! I mean, come on's made in Germany....if they can make quality sportscar, they can make a bug itch zapper!!