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Retro pixel art portable speaker, gaming gadgets accessories for home office, men women, kids or teenagers, camping & Smart Alarm Clock. 

Design - It looks like a retro computer, with a curved screen similar to an old CRT TV, and a classic design. The small keyboard is mechanical, and the joystick is reminiscent again of old school arcade.

The smartphone app adds so much more functionality to the speaker and includes a library of pixel art created by an active community. allows you to get creating your own art with relative ease, or, select one of the thousands of art pieces or animations that already exist. You can show your idols at will, and get in touch with idols anytime, anywhere, such as BTS.

Six reasons that you should choose our speaker

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DIY pixel art creation

Create pixel art designs, animation and display text with a cool background. Best of all, you can share and interact with other pixel art fans around the world. · Multiple pixel art & animation creation tools · Scrolling text editor with customizable background · Picture/GIF pixilation conversion · Story design and share · More features available through software updates.



Ever missed a family message or an important call? Our speaker provides a visual notification to remind you the incoming event, even your phone’s in silent mode. 

Mini Games
Enjoy the mini games on your Ditoo.From the legendary.we got them all! Magic 8 ball Dice Snake.

Need a weather forecast? 
Enjoy the mini games on your Ditoo.From the legendary.we got them all! Magic 8 ball Dice Snake. 

Voice memo
Want to leave a voice message for the family? Ditoo can record a voice message up to a minute, and it will automatically erased after play, so your privacy stay safe.

DJ mixer
Want to jam with your favorite beats? Professional DJ mixer and audio instruments at your fingertip Record your own remix and show to your friends Record/Playback remix 24 individual instruments 96 DJ sound.


Product description

Dimensions: 90 x 114 x 121 mm

Speaker size: 45mm

Output power: 10W

Signal to noise ratio: ≥80dB

Battery Capacity: 3000 mAh

Battery Voltage: 3.7 V

Battery Charge Time: 4h hours

Playback Time: Up to 8 hours

Bluetooth compliant: Bluetooth V5.0

Weight: 505g

Frequency Response: 80-20K Hz

Wireless range: 10M/33ft


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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Grandson loves it!

I purchased this for my 8 year old grandson. He had been at me for months to buy him one, his friend from scholl had one so he decided that it's so cool he wanted one too!
He loves it and I'm now his favourite nanny ha ha.
The design is stunningly cute, and the details really respect the retro-vintage theme it’s going for. From the backlit mechanical keyboard to the functional joystick, this device looks quite cool and fits it well for your desk.
Can recommend and the price tag is about right.

Cutest Speaker EVER!

I LOVE this pixel retro speaker so much! It is the cutest thing ever (and the packaging is adorable too!) and has so many features! The speaker is also AMAZING quality despite it being a tiny device! It can also get super loud or quiet so the range is very convenient. The pixel art options are endless on the app ( amazing app btw works seamlessly). Seriously, there is literally a pixel art design for anything. I wanted Snoopy the dog from Peanuts to appear on the speaker, it did in seconds( see attached image for a picture of it!). The customization options are also literally endless since you can design your own pixel art if you want to. It is so nice because I have it on my desk and it literally brightens my day to see these cute animations. Speaking of brightness, this thing can get bright! The brightness range is incredible and super adjustable. Plus there is a planner feature where you can map out your day according to different animations that will be displayed! I personally use the stopwatch feature a lot for practice tests and it looks so cute, literally makes me so happy. And during breaks, you can be assured that the music quality is going to be perfect. I love the micro SD card feature for playing music because I don't always have my phone on Bluetooth ( to limit distractions) and I can still listen to my favorite songs from anywhere including my desk. When I do use Bluetooth, it never lags or skips which is great because I have had previous speakers that have done that. It is the perfect feature since it has these two ways to play music! Also, I adore the music visualizer feature. There are a few settings built-in but you can take your favorite animation (from the app), and then it will display it based off of the music beats. The charger is a USB-C which is super convenient because all of my other chargers are that too so I don't need to clutter up my space with random chargers! On the topic of charging, battery life is amazing and the charging time is much less than what is stated in the manual. It once lasted for 3 straight days without a charge. I believe the manual said it takes like 4 hours to completely charge. I tested this out and it only took a little over an hour! The games on the speaker are super fun and retro. Even though it is not the main feature, it is nice to have and I will play with it as a break sometimes.
This speaker is a must-have as it does everything anyone could ever want. It not only is a speaker but an aesthetic clock (attached an image for reference), a retro pixel game machine, a pixel art display, a planner, a stopwatch, a music visualizer, and so much more! I cannot recommend this retro pixel speaker enough, it is truly exceptional and well-made! I am very impressed and highly recommend!

Love it.

So happy I got one of these, sounds great and is really loud if you want it to be, love the animations you can play on it. I have the app to go with it and you can put some really talented and amazing pixel art on your device.

Great Wee Speaker

I use this as a speaker for watching videos on my tablet. Really easy to connect with Bluetooth and get going. Great sound quality. It's easy to load it up with MP3s from an SD card and listen anywhere too.
Has a nice weight, so won't slide around when you're pressing the buttons and using it.


A gift to my self. i love it so much. i put my best music on an sc card which plugs in the side but you can blue tooth really easy. the app has loads of extra things you can do. there is a child and baby reminder. very helpfull. i still have no found every thing it does but love it any way.