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360° Rotating fake owl Decoy to scare birds with sound

360° Rotating fake owl Decoy to scare birds with sound

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Owl Decoy with Rotating Head, Natural Enemy Scarecrow Fake Owls to Scary Birds Away!

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Adding charm to any garden with our Owl Garden Protector. Hand-painted for maximum realism & effectiveness.

With Garden Protector, keep pests at bay and your garden prospering.

  • Rotating Head

    Owl's realistic head bobs turn in gentle breezes.

  • Big Yellow Bright Eyes

    Big yellow bright eyes deterrent to birds, Keep unwanted visitors out of your garden, backyard, deck.

  • Non-fading Owl Decorations

    The fake owl is painted with delicate non-fading and water-proof paint in surface by hand.

  • Easy To Install

    The bottom of the owl has an anchor, You can also fill the product with sand.

Your garden and crops are protected from pests, animals, and rodents by the innovative and powerful pest repellant known as Garden Protector.
Its key components make it the perfect option for anybody looking to keep animals and pests out of their garden.


With no harm or pollution, Garden Protector is made to humanely remove birds and other pests.


It may be used all year round. It is composed of sturdy, water-resistant material that is resistant to many weather situations.

The item is simple to set up and may be positioned anywhere in your front yard, backyard, terrace, front porch, balcony, or garage.


It is successfully realistic-looking since it is made of high-quality plastic. As a result, pests and animals are deterred from entering more effectively.
A bottom sensor on the owl decoy activates a sound when it is engaged. This noise is intended to scare off animals and pests.

Add vibrant touch of elegance to your current home decor


Birds and mice are startled by the owl's rotating head.

To frighten off bugs, the bottom sensor produces sound.

Plastic that seems realistic

Weatherproof construction

Simple installation

Choice for voice control

Humane pest removal.


Material: Plastic

Size: (15.7 x 4 x 4) inches

Weight: 1.5 pounds

Power source: 3 AAA batteries (not included)

Rotation angle: 360 degrees

What's Included: 1 x Fake Owl Decoy, 3 x Screws 


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Common Questions

Does it bother indoor pets when thier inside?

No, it doesn’t.

can I use on railing without screwing into railing?

It has a hole in the bottom to put over a pole so you would have to mount something to your railing that fits into the hole. Otherwise you need to screw it to the railing.

Does it scare geese?

I do not have geese issues. I know it scares off the squirrels that eat my tomatoes. I had a full crop of tomatoes last year because the squirrels stayed away from my plants.

Is it waterproof?


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